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Don’t get too caught up okay? ok.


Couldve been easily swooned and swept away with all those roses and shimmer upon your words. Add the tweaks and turns and the unending horizon beyond what goes in your beautiful mind. But then again, as all circumstances have presented, It may and it may not. It has been fun thinking about the idea of what could have been. So for now, cheers to that. To life and all its mysteries.

I’m going to smile, and my smile will sink down into your pupils, and heaven knows what it will become.

— Jean-Paul Sartre, No Exit 

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You might not believe now but there is a point. It will make sense when all of it fades away. And you have to have faith, it’s the one thing that you can never lose. It will make sense you see. There is a point. And if it seems to have none today, well then make it.

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7:06pm Dinner with friends. Youre ok, but then It hits you suddenly like the many times before that moment. They continue talking, while you just listen and play with the food in front of you. So the voices become a blur, muffled and becomes part of the background. Its just you. The lone sunflower in a vast field of wheat. and the world becomes distant in a split second. Funny how you can even think and feel too many things all in the same time. So true, so familiar, so overwhelming. And just like that you’re isolated. 

Breathe again. And you’re back in. Sip your tea and smile like nothing happened really.

Please be where you are happy. 

Magic - Coldplay 

And with all your magic, I disappear from view. 

And I can’t get over. Can’t get over you.

Still I call it magic.


Yeah when the muscles in our legs aren’t used to all the walking.

Yeah when the muscles in our legs aren’t used to all the walking.

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Imagine Dragons + Singles 

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